I am considered a jack-of-all-trades by many but I am most passionate about the arts, fitness, and positivity. Most people know me as a musician, as I have been involved with many musical acts for the past decade. I have played for a variety of metal bands, and have toured internationally. My preferred instruments are vocals and guitar putting me center stage when performing. I also partake in photography, cosplay/prop building, PC gaming, hair and makeup artistry, and I prefer to spend a lot of time in the gym. As for how I pay my bills, I currently work as a barber and a brand educator, but I am working on making a full career switch into a tech field, which is much better suited for an introvert such as myself. Don't worry though I'm not to shy to say Hi!

2018 Bikes n Spikes Calendar

2018 Bikes n Spikes Calendar


Bikes n Spikes

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